1. grateful-sounds:

    the only photo i took from the strawberry music festival: my bed.

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  2. pinkmnss:

    Get to Know Me Meme - [1/16] favorite female characters

    Tina Belcher » ”Dad, if you believe you’re beautiful, you will be. I did.”

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  3. Featherstone | The Paper Kites

    And we’ll hate what we’ve lost
    But we’ll love what we find

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  4. keatonhensology:

    Let me lay in your bed, talk of things you don’t know.

    Take the clothes from my back, and make love to me slow.

    and you’re free to think of all you feel and let go.

    Do not tell me though.

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  5. mutilated-by-roses:

    That was a damn good debate last night, and by “damn good” I mean Bill Nye is without a doubt amazing.

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